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A very sportive and inspiring way to get to Ibiza most special places and secluded beaches without having to look for them yourself. Your guide also presents the historical and archeological reference and interesting aneckdotes. The private hikes can be combined with a wine tasting or ended with a lunch or dinner in special selected chirinquito\’s or restaurants on magic locations.

Open Hikes

Follow hiking Ibiza on facebook for info on upcoming hikes and impressions of recent hikes ! Because of the hot climate in summer you will find shorter sunrise and sunset walks in the high season. Enjoy a Cava on a wonderful spot with the magic Ibiza sunset ! In wintertime Hiking Ibiza offers 3 to 4 hours hikes twice a week

Hiking & Coaching

Het eiland Ibiza wordt ook wel het eiland van transformatie genoemd met landmark Es Vedra als derde magnetische plek op aarde. Lucien woont hier al vijf jaar recht tegenover. Het doel van de sessies is dan ook je eigen vibratie te verhogen, je eigenliefde en zelfwaarde te verhogen en technieken te leren hoe je meer in lijn met je hogere zelf kunt handelen en denken.

the Secret

Hiking Ibiza reveals the secret ibiza
'Hiking in Ibiza is like a deep meditation, coming home to the garden of Eden'

By hiking in Ibiza you are able to open up more to the special vibration, the sacred heartbeat of Ibiza. By Hiking in my first winters in Ibiza i discovered that this magic island has so many hidden treasures, best discovered on foot ! I found a small guidebook with 3-4 hour walks all around the island, and filled many winter days with exploring these walks, finding out new ones myself and be absolutely thrilled by the views, the roughness of some high cliff coastlines backed up by beautiful romantic landscapes filled with white blossemed almond trees in february. Often i stop walking, stand still for a minute and be overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of hidden valleys, the smell of the flowers and gentle winds cooling my head. And that all most of the time in T-shirt and short walking pants. One of my strongest passions now is to share these experiences, to share the beauty of natural Ibiza and all it got to offer. So i decided to start Hiking Ibiza to offer guided hikes all season in Ibiza and special retreats with the main focus on body awareness and hiking. (2015 / Lucien Lecarme)

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The Hiking Ibiza team

for all your add-ons to make your stay an Epic one !
Lucien Lecarme
Hiking Guide
Lucien is founder of Hiking Ibiza, photographer and retreat organiser with www.ibizapowerspot.com. One of his strongest passions is to share the beauty of natural Ibiza and all it got to offer.
Anneke van Bokhoven
Massage therapist
Anneke is Yoga teacher and professional masseuse specialised in super relaxing full body massages. With her joyfull positive radiation Ibiza will never be the same again !
Kasia Patzelt
Laughing Yoga teacher
Kasia is a trained laughing Yoga teacher organising regular lauching yoga sessions and contributing in her own and unique way in a better world with happier people
Marcus Ibiza Top Massage
will arrange all you need in Ibiza
For any holiday question on Ibiza, Marcus will have an answer. Villa rental, why not rent a yacht for a day ? you need exclusive food brought to your Villa ? over 40 different massage therapies,… you name it, Marcus got it !


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